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Walkin' Collar

Walkin' Collar

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Your furry friend deserves the best. That's why we've designed the WAGGIN Collar - a sleek and stylish accessory that provides your pup with the ultimate in comfort and safety. Made with premium, easy-to-clean materials and sleek metal clasps, the WAGGIN Collar is the perfect complement to your pup's everyday adventures. Pair it with our matching leash and make a statement wherever you go.

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Introducing the WAGGIN Collar - the ultimate collar for your furry friend! Made from durable and easy-to-clean material, this collar features a sleek and modern design with metal clasps. It's perfect for everyday wear and will keep your pup looking stylish and feeling comfortable.

The WAGGIN Collar is designed with a simple slider that allows you to easily adjust the size to your pup's perfect fit. With the WAGGIN Collar, it's quick and effortless!


M: 12" - 16"

L: 13" - 19"

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How can I adjust the collar size?
The collar slider is adjustable. Using the slider, you can make the collar as big or small as you need for your pup.

How do I clean the collar if it gets dirty?
Use soap and warm water to clean the collar.

Will the collar hold up with dogs that tend to pull?
It can! The material and clasp are durable and can handle a puller. However, please do use the correct size for your pup. Our Large collar has a limit of 70lbs and our medium collar has a limit of 50lbs.

Will I have to adjust the collar every time I put it on my pup?
After use, you may need to adjust the collar to safely fit around your pups neck .

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