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The WAGGIN Walkin' Bundle was designed to handle every scenario while exploring with your pup! Our leashes are sleek and solid. Not only do they look good, but they are made out of durable that is waterproof and easy to clean



The WAGGIN Leash can be used a variety of ways. The handle can seamlessly adjust making it easy to hold the handle on your hand, over your shoulder, around your waist, or even around a pole / bench. The leash also allows you to pull two dogs at the same time!


Safe & Sleek

The WAGGIN Leash and Collar are made out of durable material made of PVC Rubber Material. The metal buckles on the collar are sturdy and add a modern look.

Easy to Maintain

The WAGGIN Leash and Collar are odorless, waterproof, and very easy to clean. Feel free to take the path of least cleanliness because all you'll need is a wet cloth or paper towel to get the leash and collar back to pristine shape!


Leash Size:


(6' long, 3/4" wide)


(6' long, 1" wide)

Collar Size






How to Measure

For a perfect fit, measure the circumference at the widest part of your dog's neck. You should be able to place 2 fingers between the collar and your dogs neck.