WAGGIN creates sleek and innovative pet products that promote exploring. Our mission is to strengthen the bond between a pet and their owner through new experiences and adventures.

WAGGIN was started due to a noticeable gap in products that urban pet owners could use to commute around the city with their pets. WAGGIN intends to address those gaps by creating products that are multi-functional, convenient, easy to use, and stylist while being safe and comfortable for pets.

WAGGIN's inspiration comes from Cesar’s shy but curious rescue dog, Ginger. Ginger was rescued and brought to Queens, NY right before the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused Cesar and Ginger to spend a ton of time together and create an inseparable bond. Always ready to explore, Cesar, an avid backpack wearer who enjoys biking around the city, wanted a way to be able to continue using his ride-share membership and bring Ginger with him.

He looked for bike trailers, but there weren’t any that would be convenient to carry after reaching his destination and they all were too big to store in his apartment. After many beautiful sunny days having to leave Ginger inside, Cesar decided he would make something he could use to bring Ginger with him. He sketched out what his solution would look like and those sketches evolved into the WAGGIN Backpack and the WAGGIN brand.