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WAGGIN Trailer

WAGGIN Trailer

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The WAGGIN Trailer is the first bike trailer that collapses into a functioning backpack. When closed, the backpack is lightweight, comfortable to wear, and can fit all your and your pups daily needs including enough space for a 15"laptop.

The trailer when expanded can fit on most adult bikes and is designed to open and install on a bike seat post in just a few steps. The nylon webbing allows for air flow for your pet. The wheels lock in place and provide a smooth ride for your pet.

The Backpack - The WAGGIN Trailer weighs about 15lbs - The back panel of the backpack is made with material that is easy to clean - The straps and backpack can be removed from the trailer so the backpack can be worn on its own. The Trailer - The trailer can hold a pet up to 55lbs - The middle post bar slides up and locks in place so the nylon mesh can be taut. - The sun roof allows for taller dogs to comfortably fit - When fully opened, the trailer is 13 inches wide and 19 inches deep. - The wheels open and lock in place. There is an button to unlock when ready to store the trailer.
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